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Vans Auto Sound Exhibiting at The Ridge Hotel & Casino in Middelburg
Vans Auto Sound exhibiting at the Ridge Hotel and Casino, as part of their annual Iasca Sound off. It was a fun filled day with lots of activity and entertainment. Their exhibit attracted a lot of attention and is always enjoyable to listen to what spectators have to say about what they saw. Most common comments were “What the F@#k can you believe this”. The customized Big Boy scooter on display attracted a great amount of attention due to its unique sound system and the awesome quality of installation done by Vans. The little scooter has a Rockford Fosgate PBR Amplifier which is brand new amplifier technology developed by RF. This allows for super high efficiency and zero switching noise, not found on typical standard topologies whilst still producing 300Watts RMS from a footprint about the size of a average open hand. The system is completed with a pair of RF 6x9” and 2 RF DJ speakers which are pulled behind the scooter on a little trailer. This was probably what kept the Witbankers in envy of the rest of the Platteland as they actually had something of interest to converse about. Just kidding.
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